Everything You Need to Know About the Refrigerated Air Dryer

Posted By: Dry Air Services , Category : Refrigerated air dryers , Date:December 10, 2021

If you want that compressed air system will perform properly, you need to keep the air dry for long. This also means that the air should be free of liquid moisture and low humidity before entering the air passage. Various methods are highly effective in removing moisture from compressed air, which further helps maintain high air quality. One of the best units for compressing dry air is to use the refrigerated air dryer. These systems can be classified as non-cycling and variable speed drives. 

In this article, you will know about the refrigerated air dryer, which helps compress dry air and how it becomes effective to improve air quality. 

What Do You Mean by Refrigerated Air Dryer

As the name suggests, the refrigerated dryer will cool the compressed air present in the room. This will make the water present in compressed air compress and can be separated from the air itself. It is one of the main air system components for various applications that need compressed air to get dried to the low dew point. In this phase, compressed air will enter the dryer and pass through the air to the air heat exchanger that pre-cools the incoming air coming inside the room. 

In the 2nd stage, compressed air will pass through the air to the refrigerant heat exchanger for reducing the compressed air dew point, mainly 3°C / 37°F. Water vapour present in the air will condense into liquid, which is then trapped and removed. The dry air is then warmed up inside the air heat exchanger. This further reduces humidity in the air and prevents condensation from forming in the downstream piping.

Types of Two Types of Refrigerant Air Dryer

There are two types of refrigerant air dryers available, one is non-cycling, and the other is VSD or variable speed drive dryer. 

In the non-cycling dryer, the refrigerant compressor will run constantly. As the ambient temperature and flow of compressed air will vary, a bypass valve is used to regulate the temperature of the refrigerant to prevent operating conditions within the given system. In this type of air dryer, the piston compressor operates at one fixed speed regarding energy efficiency. This will further result in an “on/off” shortcoming in the fixed speed air compressor. 

On the other hand, the variable speed drive refrigerated air dryer mainly uses the scroll compressor with one spiral element moving around a secondary fixed element. As a result, it is compact and makes less sound than the other variety. In addition, it has an inverter that drives the scroll element to vary the speed to match demand and save energy. 

The Benefits of Refrigerant Air Dryers

  • Gets dew point of 3°C / 37°F
  • Has low initial capital cost
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Low operating cost

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