About Us Drying Systems Australia


Drying Systems Australia was established in Sydney NSW in February 2017 by David Dawson, the company founder and Managing Director who has had over 20 years of extensive experience in diverse applications of temporary climate control, specialising in commercial and industrial Desiccant Dehumidification systems throughout Australia.
The company goal of Drying Systems Australia is to provide a wide range of world class drying solutions and services for our valued customers throughout Australia, utilising the latest dehumidification equipment technology and cost effective methodology.

Our services include customised drying system design, temporary equipment supply, installation and monitoring for structural drying and environment humidity stabilisation of flood affected and water damaged buildings. Some of our successfully completed drying projects in Australia include shopping centres, schools, gymnasiums, nursing homes, hospitals, office blocks, high rise buildings, function and reception centres, recording studios, cinemas, clubs, hotels, motels, storage facilities and large residential properties.
We have also provided specialised drying for timber, parquetry, marble and limestone flooring in residential and commercial premises.

Drying Systems Australia has recently set up an additional marine service for waterfront access only properties for supply and temporary installation of drying equipment and, if required, temporary generator power for drying homes, dwellings, boat sheds, yachts and boats that may have suffered internal water damage due to extreme weather conditions, floods, king tides or failed bilge pumps in these remote access marine locations.

We provide construction drying for buildings and associated building materials during the construction stage, temporary humidity, temperature and corrosion control during industrial abrasive blasting and painting projects of steel structures, pipelines, fuel and water storage tanks, bridges, marine infrastructure including ships and other sea vessels, oil refineries, steel vessels, power stations, penstocks, defence force aviation, sea bound and land based equipment.

We also provide service, rental, sales and installation of humidity control systems for storage facilities, factories, workshops, laboratories, art galleries and museums, auditoriums, libraries, repositories, archives and document storage facilities, indoor heated pools, ice skating rinks, food and pharmaceutical processes, new construction site and associated building materials, and many other applications where sensitive temperature and humidity controlled environments are required.

Drying Systems Australia has a large fleet of portable domestic, commercial and industrial refrigerant and desiccant dehumidifiers, air movers and associated drying equipment, ranging in capacities from small portable single phase 240 volt dehumidifiers and cooling units to medium and large three phase 415 volt caster wheel based and skid based trailer mounted dehumidifiers, including additional controls, accessories and calibrated test and monitoring devices for use in temporary applications.

Drying Systems Australia has a licenced refrigeration and air conditioning service division ‘Dry Air Services’ for servicing and maintaining many different brands of domestic, commercial and industrial portable and permanently installed refrigerant and desiccant dehumidifiers, humidifiers and other associated heating, cooling and ventilation equipment and controls, some of which Drying Systems Australia is the registered service and sales agent for, here in Australia.

We can provide regular routine service visits and preventative maintenance schedules tailored for your equipment’s specific operational requirements to ensure optimal reliability and performance.
Portable equipment can be either serviced on your premises, out in the field or picked up and taken to our workshop facility for servicing and repairs, and then returned to your premises or job site. We are also licenced to provide an equipment test and tag service if required.

Some examples of our service and maintenance contracts include:

  • The Sydney Opera House humidification systems and related equipment
  • The Australian Museum Sydney humidification systems
  • Royal Botanical Gardens Sydney greenhouses humidification systems
  • State and Federal Government  data centres in Sydney, NSW south coast and Canberra humidification and evaporative cooling systems
  • Westmead Hospital NSW humidification and dehumidification systems
  • National Archives in Sydney and Canberra humidification and dehumidification systems
  • University of NSW (UNSW) Kensington NSW dehumidification systems
  • Multiple Pharmaceutical manufacturers in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland dehumidification and air filtration systems
  • Multiple food production, processing and packaging company facilities in NSW dehumidification and air filtration systems
  • Tooheys Brewery Lidcombe NSW dehumidification and air filtration systems
  • The Warringah Aquatic Centre Frenchs Forrest NSW dehumidification and ventilation equipment
  • The Hurstville Aquatic Centre in Hurstville NSW dehumidification and ventilation equipment
  • Multiple Coles Supermarkets in Sydney, NSW Central Coast and Queensland dehumidification and cooling systems
  • Advanced Specialised Equipment NSW and QLD service, warranty and repairs of all brands of portable dehumidifiers, air filtration, purification  and ventilation equipment for use in the water and fire damage restoration industry 
  • Ausclimate Australia warranty, service and repairs of multiple brands and styles of portable and permanently installed dehumidifiers and air purification equipment
  • DST Dryer Australia sales, service, installation and commissioning of a large range of residential, commercial and industrial desiccant dehumidifiers and associated ventilation, air filtration, heating and cooling equipment